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  • thethiefmaster commented on waqasjamil's instructable Renew Your Laptop Battery3 months ago
    Renew Your Laptop Battery

    It's a bit late, but for anyone else wondering, there are no (true) 4000 mAh cells yet. The highest at time of writing is 3500 mAh. Anything claiming higher is a total fake.

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  • Extra Ram Using a Thumb Drive

    It's more about response time. Old spinning hard-disks have multiple-millisecond response times, but a flash drive is below 0.1ms. Literally orders of magnitude faster.But as I said, entirely redundant now that SSDs are widely available.

    That's because this doesn't have anything to do with RAM at all.Readyboost uses a thumbstick as a hard-disk accelerator, by storing frequently used files on the (hopefully fast) thumbstick instead of on the (comparatively slow) hard-disk. It's made entirely redundant by having an SSD.

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