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I love ThinkGeek!
Random fun stuff + subtle/nerdy/geeky humor = ThinkGeek = super awesome.

Zmonsters5 years ago
So what is the general opinion about my project at the thinkgeek lair?
thinkgeekmonkeys (author)  Zmonsters5 years ago
We're still looking at submissions and thus cannot divulge any high-level monkey secrets. :)
Zmonsters5 years ago
ON a scal of one to ten how good is my instructable? What do I need to improve? Do you like my other instructables? I am a 13 so I want feedback on what i need to improve.
thinkgeekmonkeys (author)  Zmonsters5 years ago
That scale is much too short to contain the awesomeness of a cylon Domo. Only thing it would be nice to improve would be that the scrolling LED went all the way across his face and didn't look like just his nose. But that would be hard to do with our evil Snowbot's eye. :)
Zmonsters5 years ago
How do you get featured?
thinkgeekmonkeys (author)  Zmonsters5 years ago
Hmm. That is a good question for the Instructables folks. Us (ThinkGeek) aren't the ones choosing featured instructables across the site.
Zmonsters5 years ago
I am fixing it as we speak, are you guys judging?
thinkgeekmonkeys (author)  Zmonsters5 years ago
We will, after the community picks top favorites at the end of March. At least, this is how we've been told how these contests work--this is our first on Instructables. :)
How is working with the instructables team. ;)
thinkgeekmonkeys (author)  mg0930mg5 years ago
Of course we <3 the Instructables team!
Haha. Yeah, I want to enter your contest, do you think if I bought it it'd be in Jersey before the contest ends...?
thinkgeekmonkeys (author)  mg0930mg5 years ago
Yes, probably--our warehouse is in NJ and should get to you very quickly. Unless there's a freak blizzard.
Zmonsters5 years ago
I have the action pics you wanted and I even included Videos!!!
Horray! Now that you have an Instructables account, I lub you even more! BTW thanks for the monkey breath. ZOMGWTFBBQROTFLMAOOL

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