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iproberry14 years ago
hello,thrashermanTotalDIY I see you like your profile picture...well I made a new one with the same guy...if you want to use it then P.M. me and I will remove the grid.
P.S. the grid ISN'T part of the drawing
thrashermanTotalDIY (author)  iproberry14 years ago
do you wish to use it?
thrashermanTotalDIY (author)  iproberry14 years ago
I downloaded it to my computer and i'm going to use it. Thanks so much. Look in your inbox. how did you make it. Photoshop? by hand?
oh there wasn't anything in my inbox from you....
I make it photoshop...I sent you a P.M. with the version without the grid...it's way better!
monsterlego4 years ago
Where did you get your avatar?
you mean my instructables icon? I got it off of Google images.
(sorry i cant copy and pate it)
search 'diy' into the google images search bar
monsterlego4 years ago
Your comment on ATOM didn't show up, you mind posting it again?
I really like this project. Hey Monsterlego, tell the viewers of this instructable about our contests
I entered it into the pocket sized contest and the 4th epelog contest vote for them. :)
darn sure i did