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bvossen1 month ago

Hope to meet you at the next Drowning Man festival, july, CA Delta. You fit right in!

blkwingz3 years ago
how can i make a simple very small elctro magnet for my ho trains
Used to enjoy the work too, thanks!
First off, I'm relieved to see to see I'm not the only one that's an accident waiting to happen. As I sit here with a broken foot (freshly broken in 3 places) going through what looked like a rehash of the past few years of mine . Seriously, I think I'm the only person that can go to a firework show and have a burning piece fall into my eye and puncture it twice plus causing a chemical burn , and a third degree burn on the eyeball. Then three days later have a dying bee make one last vigil attempt to take someone down with him sting me under the other eye. I might mention I'm deathly allergic to bees..I've flipped a race car, dislocated my hip water skiing(wait trying to water ski) .......and I could go on and that was done in about a years time. I'm a power tool freak and I am always making or remaking things and I have yet to figure out how to keep MY BODY PARTS out of the equation. But I have learned a few tricks to heel faster and ways to hand reactions.
Stock up on Benadryl You could have had that rash under control in about 30 minutes, Our bodies produce Histamines in abundance when we have a reaction to foods and chemicals etc. (Anaphylactic shock) may only show as a rash but can progress over 24 hours to much worse while sleeping. So taking an "ANTI"histamine will counter act that reaction. . 've used super glue for years instead of stitches . Its cheaper and actually has something in it that kills the pain quit a bit once you get over the initial stinging . I've drilled through my hand and after gently bleeding it out for a few minutes under cold running water I soaked it in Epson salt and warm water for 15 min.to draw out any foreign objects that might still be in there. Surprised me to find that my hand didnt hurt at all the next day and the wound was really unnoticeable. I also suggest taking a first aid class too . . There's pictures in my profile (Its not letting me post any on here for some reason) of the blister on my eye ball and the bee sting.
Thank God for Insurance, They fork over a butt load of money every year for my mishaps .
Mrballeng5 years ago
Saving the world from Mottainai one instructable at a time. Love your work.
Used to enjoy the work too, thanks!
What happened to you Tim? you were so popular, then suddenly you were gone.
I saw your stick welder golf cart at Maker Faire. I thought it'd be cool to meet the most popular author on Instructables, so I sat around for a few minutes waiting for you to show up. I left after 10 minutes and went on to see all the other cool stuff. But on my way out, I saw the cart drive by me! I heard your voice! It would have been cool to talk to you, but just seeing an Instructables "celebrity" like you in person was still awesome.
I am up looking for a senior quote. Since you are one of the most interesting people I can think of, I figured you would be able to help me out with one. Seems like you have been everywhere, and it turns to interesting events to write about, such as your Outrigger Canoe series, and Haywire mechanic. Infact, one of my friend' quotes is just below this comment. "Veni, Vedi, Vici" is the one. I thought about it, but it doesn't quite bang the right bell. But a quote seems like something you find yourself, not by "googling" the word "quotes".
crankyjew6 years ago
tim, i love your 'ibles. you live a fantastic life. i was wondering if you could put out a little 'ible about how you made your homemade nylon tarps?
jwhoaa6 years ago
omg i love the airplane blanket hat instructable. there the ultimate in airline fashion... and it gave me something to do with the 20+ airplane blankets Ive taken... Christmas shopping. DONE. Airplane hats for everyone :D thanks.
Nicholas G.6 years ago
Tim, I have one thing to say about you: "Veni, Vedi, Vici ".  This is something Caeser said when he put down a rebellion in Greece in one afternoon.  It means, : "I came, I saw, I conquered ".
Do you have an instructable for when your power cord stops charging your Toshiba laptop? I searched but could not find it.
TimAnderson (author)  Yerboogieman6 years ago
it's in one of the handy tricks.

pulling the expansion memory out and putting it back in seems to help also,
Probably the computer has a power management system that doesn't deal with a bad
battery very well. Probably replacing some cells in the battery or zapping them
would help.

I'm no longer able to use my toshiba even though the power cord makes guaranteed
good contact. I would work on the battery if I needed to fix it.
the computer does nothing at all until it's plugged into the wall for a while.

That's what I'm thinking, because it says it's using external power and not charging the battery on the LED indicators, then just randomly shutting off. I don't have any expansion memory, I'm running stock 256mb. Thanks a lot.