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35Timmy5 years ago
Am a inventor as well except I am no vegitarian
tinker234 (author)  35Timmy5 years ago
ohh yeah you should try it watch a docmentry called food inc
i have heard of of food inc before sure i would. however that still would not stop me from having my lunch of meat and at home a full 4 or more litters of milk in one day and i would not eat every kind of plant found at the grocery store
35Timmy 35Timmy5 years ago
never mind i must of thought of something else i don't remeber that logo from before today
35Timmy 35Timmy5 years ago
sorry for giving you a loss of apatite bucause i said the truth of my 4 or more lutters of milk and meat for lunch
tinker234 (author)  35Timmy4 years ago
i do drink milk just meat brings back a autopsy lab that wasn't a good experience
tinker234 (author)  35Timmy5 years ago
me too disturbed me that documetry probley have a stronger stomach
35Timmy5 years ago
i got something to say about your about section on your profile first off you should have science so you can at least experment with your ideas.second inventors are not screwballs they are needed to society because they need them to inprove the world and to make things more easier in fact on facebook i jused to have the idea bulb as well because i am also a inventor
tinker234 (author)  35Timmy5 years ago
i know thats the stero type its a quate
dombeef5 years ago
"Somewhere in florida", where exactly?, I live there
tinker234 (author)  dombeef5 years ago
brooksvle florida
tinker234 (author) 5 years ago
no negatve commets my sister got on my acount and added me to justin biber sucks group he is bad but he well look
depotdevoid5 years ago
Thanks for subscribing! I've got lots more in the works, so stay tuned!
tinker234 (author)  depotdevoid5 years ago
ok thanks you have some goood projects im starting one today
tinker234 (author)  tinker2345 years ago
hey look at my qustens too