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Nov. 15, 2015
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  • tmac53 commented on stepchild's instructable Generator Governor10 months ago
    Generator Governor

    Regarding the load changes when the refrigerator comes on/goes off...I had a generator that monitored AC output current. When there was a change in current, a boost was inserted in the pid circuit. This instantaneous change in the control throttle control signal was early enough to boost the engine before the load pulled down the rpm. That minimized the deviation from setpoint.Now, if the PID experts will jump back in here and give a hand to clarify what I am trying to say.... I think it is called dual-element control. Delta-I is inserted somewhere in the PID Loop. Of course the gain of the Delta-I determines how much boost is inserted. (boost works both ways; positive boost when current increases, and negative boost when current decreases).Yes, it gets more complicated. But, It's just a bunch of software.Have fun!!

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