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  • tmspro commented on seamster's instructable Deck of Cards in a Bottle (It's a puzzle!)5 months ago
    Deck of Cards in a Bottle (It's a puzzle!)

    Thanks for the instructable. It's an interesting and enjoyable change of pace from what I usually see here, and a wonderful challenge. For those struggling with this: I thought, unless there is a glaring error of fact, or a blatant safety concern, if an instructable did not appeal to me, for whatever reason, I should just move on, no comment required. Many instructables assume skill sets, tools, facilities, training or interests I do not have. Despite that, I find some of these are still worth reading.

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  • tmspro commented on Elias Stratakos's instructable Wall Tool Holders5 months ago
    Wall Tool Holders

    The racks are very well thought out and executed, and look great. Fantastic instructable - I cannot imagine how much work went into it, but I am very impressed with all the 3D imagery matched to the video.How do you keep your work area so neat and tidy?

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  • tmspro commented on Herbsco's instructable $100 City Proof Garden 5 months ago
    $100 City Proof Garden

    impied: i've had a lot of success stopping cats from using the garden bed as a litter box by inserting skewers, twigs or plastic forks (pointy side up) every 8 or so inches in a grid pattern. I prefer the skewers or twigs as they blend in better.

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  • tmspro commented on john pedersen's instructable Hand Crank Generator / Battery Charger5 months ago
    Hand Crank Generator / Battery Charger

    Shiseiji - more of a suggestion/query than anything else. The hand crank looked to be ideal for what John wants to do, but, I haven't bought any military surplus for at least 40 years (no need or interest), so not up on current prices. One more option: long ago, non-functioning military/government equipment could be purchased for a bit more than scrap value. If that is still possible where you live, and if the crank mechanism is good, should be possible to cobble up some brackets and replace a non-functioning military generator with one from a car.

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