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March 17, 2011
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  • 10 Life Hacks You Need To Know For Christmas!

    Postcards, yes - one flat card.But not a folded up sheet of paper. They'll fire it right back at you with a snarky comment to put it in an envelope.

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  • tn. commented on vina1991's instructable ULTRA CHEEP HOME AUTOMATION UNDER $53 months ago

    Generally speaking, stainless is safe for freshwater fish.Saltwater might be a different story, however, since salt is corrosive and also changes the conductivity of the water. I have zero experience with marine tanks, so perhaps someone else can chime in.

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  • tn. commented on vina1991's instructable ULTRA CHEEP HOME AUTOMATION UNDER $53 months ago

    What a great idea! I'd put circuits for all lights in the apartment on a board in direct sightline to the entrance so when i leave or enter, it's one click to kill or activate all lights. Great for families whose kids keep forgetting to shut off the lights and those who have anxiety disorders.

    Also, the water controller would be a terrific backup for a sump pump or a painless way to maintain aquarium water levels.

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  • tn. commented on LaMar Solarcabin's instructable Off Grid Japanese Soaking Tub4 months ago
    Off Grid Japanese Soaking Tub

    this is brilliant. my dad is 74 and mobility-impaired. he lives in a little country house that, well... let's just say the general consensus is that a match is the kindest thing that could happen to it. it takes him nearly 3hrs to get to the nearest grocery on his mobility scooter, so there's not a lot of fresh produce in his diet and, at his age with his medical conditions, he really needs it. the house also has no running water - he throws a sump pump in the river and fills up barrels inside the house which means the overall scent is that of moss and mold. it also means no personal hygiene for the weeks and months he lives there until he's dragged, kicking and screaming, back to civilization for a hose-down.i am definitely saving this in favourites and will be implementing it asap.

    oh - one question: i'm not up on my temps - is the water tolerable without the extra heating? also, what is the disinfecting routine? is regular ol' chlorine okay to use?

    that's the concern - he heats with a wooden stove but he cannot manage it any more (especially not after someone walked away with just on a bush cord - enough to heat for three months). because of balance issues, i don't like his using the wood stove, which is why i've started researching safer alternatives (such as an induction burner to cook with - can't burn himself on it if he gets wobbly and plants a hand on it).i think i'll toss up a coil of black pipe on the rooftop (which is sheet metal) and use that to bring the temp up.

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