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Yonatan249 months ago


I'm interested what kinds of projects I've uploaded that you like, This is to help me improve my Instructables and also hopefully gain more subscribers!

What kinds of projects I make are your favorite: Flashlight Gadgets, "What's Inside's", How To: Electronics, Soldering gadgets, Anything else?

Your feedback is really appreciated!

Thanks :)


chrisjlionel10 months ago

Conflagrations for being a finilist

tominjose (author)  chrisjlionel10 months ago

Thank you,and ungalkkum congratulations !

Thanks ji. B'coz of you I've joined @ metal contest

tominjose (author)  chrisjlionel10 months ago

Oh so you have to treat me if you get better price other than runner up :P

definitely ji.

Thank you for following me :)

tominjose (author)  Tarun Upadhyaya1 year ago

My plessure :)