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xACIDITYx8 years ago
I thought I liked you, then I saw the Obama 08 picture...
tomonto (author)  xACIDITYx7 years ago
I thought you were a decent person, almost, I found the hitler pic offensive but didn't care, but recent obama songs you bring up make me feel as though you should gtfo my o-board foo. do not reply.
Derin tomonto7 years ago
Now I replied.
tomonto (author)  xACIDITYx8 years ago
What, are you a republican? or..... dare i say...... a hilary supporter?
No, Hillary is even worse than Obama. I believe that we shouldn't have a woman for president. They have too many hormones and would made decisions based on that instead of thinking it through. Personally, I'm all for Colbert '08.
hmmm, let me see here:

  • sexist
  • cool musicist
lets dont get racist in that list as well.......
Wait; Sexist? Is it sexist to point out the differences between women and men? That's like calling me racist because I point out the fact that African Americans look different than Caucasians. Am I sexist because I say that women can give birth and men can't? I certainly hope not...
"I believe that we shouldn't have a woman for president." Its your opinion, but Hilary has a right to run for president........ lets go deeper: "They have too many hormones and would made decisions based on that instead of thinking it through." thats not like pointing out the differences between African Americans an Caucasians at all. If you point out a difference, its factual. Women dont use their hormones to think, they use their brain, like we men do. If pointing out the differences between man and woman was like pointing out that African Americans look different than Caucasians, It would be about the organs and reproductive body parts (however, i want to keep this site PG, so i wont mention them) And no, you are not sexist because you say women can give birth, but men cant. You're just being factual, but if you said that like you meant to be sexist, its against your own gender.......
Yes, hillary has the right. Hillary can have all the right in the world; I won't stop her.

No, ...hormones and would make decisions based upon that... Is that not proven fact, that women have different hormones as well as different emotions?

Just an example...

...According to a 2005 New York Times article, by age 18, women cry four times as much as men.

A possible explanation for this is the hormone prolactin, which contributes to how much people cry. Prolactin is present in blood and tears, and it's more prevalent in women than in men. Women's tear ducts are also shaped a little differently from men's, which could be either a cause or an effect of increased crying (Source: New York Times]. In addition, people who are depressed may cry four times as much as people who are not, and two-thirds of people diagnosed with depression are women (Psychology Today]...

Pointing out the differences and coming to conclusions based upon those facts is a thin line. I may have crossed the line, but the conclusions are based upon the facts. So did I cross the line between "pointing out" and "concluding"? Perhaps. But It doesn't make the conclusions invalid.

For example,
..., It would be about the organs and reproductive body parts...
And I could say something like...
The fact that they have those and give birth raises their chance of going into a postpartum depressive state, and they would be less able of making rational decisions during the depressive state.

Thus, "pointing out the differences" came to a "conclusion", a conclusion that shows that there are emotional differences between men and women stemming from their anatomical makeup, and logically one is more suited to do certain things than the opposite, and even able to do some things that the opposite is incapable of doing (Giving Birth(w) or creating sperm(M))
tomonto (author)  xACIDITYx8 years ago
I would <3 to have Colbert as a president, but I don't think theres much chance of that. :(
well, he tried to run, remember?


then he got rejected... even with all those booz he served...
tomonto (author)  AnarchistAsian7 years ago
OMG ITZ LAK HE SHOULD HAV TOTALLY WON DA ELECTIONZ I WAS LAK WTF??? of course i dont ACTUALLY want him as a president, i mean that i like the show, now stop making pathetic attempts at making fun of me.
huh? don't you remember? that one episode when he tried to run... and he was their favorite son... but they said he wasn't qualified, and needed to campaign for 5 years to have any chance at all... jeez...
tomonto (author)  AnarchistAsian7 years ago
you dont understand what im saying so ,shush