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Jan. 14, 2016
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  • tomoose111 commented on guibot's instructable HiTec Servo Hack9 months ago
    HiTec Servo Hack

    yes you can. it is crude but if you have a micrometer and a protractor you can. under the top (servo arm gear) cover are two set points around the whole. going back to this instruct-able, a gear needed to have a white piece removed from it and cleared of dubree. that was the rotating knob ill call it that made contact to the set points which stopped the potentiomenter in turn stopping the rotation of the motor. you can use the protractor on a sheet of paper. create a center point on the paper, put focal point of protractor on said point then marking 0 and 270. draw lines from marks to center point. that will give you a constant degree line for various diameters. get the radius of the "knobbed gear" then use micrometer to mirror a new mark you'll make just shy of the radius. that is a stencil that you can put on the servo lid to then drill two small screws that the knob will hit stopping the motor. dont forget to factor in the radius of the screw you use. and if you dont have a micrometer just use a sharp pencil and the edge of a paper

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