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  • tonygoffe commented on Stan1y's instructable Electric Tooth Brush Life Extension1 month ago
    Electric Tooth Brush Life Extension

    Hi... I can make one observation.. most of the motor cases have TWO lug depressions, and I had a hard time getting the motor past the last set ..SOLVED A thin strip of plastic, 7'' x 1/4" is bent in a "U" shape and pushed into the case cover the last lug depressions. As each of the lugs are eased out, I slip the plastic over the depression...repeat for the other side, and the motor comes out easily, with no chance of the lugs engaging the second set of they are covered by the plastic strip. I live in Jamaica, and my Walgreens brush has lasted over a year.. with cleaning and lube. Oh, I store the handle upside down, so it can drain any crud...

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  • tonygoffe commented on danthemakerman's instructable Kiridashi Marking Knife7 months ago
    Kiridashi Marking Knife

    Very interesting past !! Sorry I missed you when you were in the Caribbean....I live in the central Jamaican mountains. Am a self-taught lapidary and geologist and have discovered an agate deposit nearby. Built my first slab saw and also do smoked marlin, pork, chicken and cheese. A detached retina has curtailed this a bit, but soldier on ...Take care tony

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