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I have shuttle tatted for 25 years now. Talk seems to be all about needle tatting and so many patterns are for the needle tatter. Is there a benefit to needle tatting over shuttle tatting? The history of the shuttle has always been dear to my heart but a more efficient, easier, faster way is a big plus also. I'm not getting any younger and there is so much to do. I do like tatting with size 80 thread and I also wonder if needle tatting looks as nice and works as well with that

territat1 year ago
I have a grand daughter that loves dolphins. I would like to make her a bracelet or necklace but I want dolphin beads not charms, she doesn't like dangling charms. I've checked Wal-Mart, JoAnn fabrics and hobby lobby. Is there an online store I can go to?
territat1 year ago
Well I got home from work and was bound and determined to start and finish the tatted necklace. I got home around 5:pm. Ate dinner real quick then ran and put my pj' s on, grabbed my needle and tatted while watching ridiculousness..... At 8:40 I completed the necklace! What's the next tutorial I should go to? Thank you!
territat1 year ago
I am so excited. Only been learning to tat for about a month. Have learned what I have from this site and videos on YouTube. I need more needle tatting patterns. So many are in shuttle form and I don't understand it. Anyway, when I figure out how to do it I will send pics of my progresses.
TotusMel (author)  territat1 year ago
Congrats! A great source for tatting help and patterns is the site
territat1 year ago
I had heard of tatting but did not really know what it was. One day I was 'surfing' the web and I came across your page. I saw so many things on your page that I wanted. So I decided to really check out this tatting business. I found a video on u-tube of someone teaching shuttle tatting. I watched that and a couple of others and was about to give it up when I came across video of someone teaching needle tatting. I watched that video for 3 days before I finally broke down and went in search search of my own needles. Do you k ow how hard they are to find? And getting a pattern book from a store is impossible. Long story short, because of you and your site, I am a needle tatting addict. I love you.
TotusMel (author)  territat1 year ago
Aw thanks! Happy Tatting!
NukePower6 years ago
girl,U ROCK!u rock more than acdc!
haha, yeah, she got some sick tats!
saph233 years ago
hey, love your work, ive always wondered how it works specially since where i stay (india) tatting is really popular and the patterns are well beautifully made i mean if you have seen indian work you know what i mean, well, i will keep following your work, look forward to your next project (not that ive completed all the previous ones.. heh.. just getting started)...
You should check out my instructables.
Raakti5 years ago
I am a crazy crafter-type and I've been wanting to try needle tatting for forever. My only question is where can I get tatting needles? :o
TotusMel (author)  Raakti5 years ago
You can get needles through or even through amazon, each one runs about $5 or so.<br />
Raakti TotusMel5 years ago
Thank you so much, and thanks for replying quickly! I'm going to order some now and start tatting as soon as I get them! <3
alythe5 years ago
Found you first on Etsy. LOVE the stuff you have posted there. Then found a blog that had a link to your blog (which has been added to my 'crafty tatting' feed on my rss reader for future enjoyment) AND a link to your instructables items... I'm in heaven! Now... where did I put my tatting needles?? Thank you so much for posting these instructables....!