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Auto Collision Repair Tech for 30 Years, Racing Radio Control Cars over 20 Years, Passionate about tools and uses for them. Opened mind in mechanical applications and hand fabrication. No deep knowlege or understanding of electronics and wiring (my weak spot)
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    Secret Wood Rings DIY

    sharp hatchet cutsDrilled, then cross cut holesLots of different ideas.L Ike hisI've made blocks from catylized automotive clearcoat bot it takes months for that to cureThe true discovery is in polishingNeat project

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    Table Saw Rust Removal

    there are some good surface protectants for saw tops that protect and provide friction reduction to help guide material through the blade.

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  • toyowner commented on 32Tudor's instructable How to fix cloudy headlights11 months ago
    How to fix cloudy headlights

    I won't endorse this methodThe sanding is alright but an aerosol clear is 80% solvent and the amount you actually apply to the surface is minimal. Check with a reputable body shop to see if the could apply a production clear over your prepared lights. There is a built in UV protection plus a thicker build of a catylized clear coat that will be more durable. I am a collision tech in the business and we have sanded and coated lights for customers for a few years now. Our paint rep has informed us that the company is working on a " special" clear but won't tell us NOT to do what we're doing. We have tracked some of the customers for whom we've do this and overall people are pleased

    I agree this is DIY, but it's a weak band-aid at best.This is almost as bad as using a bug repellent which actually damages the plastic. Aerosol products are 80% solvents and are really not an all weather product. Performing the prep work yourself and having it professionally coated is cost efficient and and far better result

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