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  • Best Vise Metal Brake Press! great angle any time, choose your angle

    Very nice idea. Such a simple design I don't even need to read the instructions.I may need to buy a larger bench vice however!Perhaps 2 vices in parallel to make a very wide brake, and to allow a bend further inside the material. Using a single vise limits the depth of a bend from the edge of the material to the distance from the top of the jaws to the bottom of the vice.

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  • Propane Tank Aluminium Smelter (No Weld).

    As an alternative to adding more pipe to reduce your air pressure you might try adding a "T" to the straight pipe. You could then cap the T or not to change air pressure. This would keep the whole set-up a bit more compact. With a threaded cap and a split at the end of the "T" pipe you could gain some adjustment capability. I suggest this presuming that the air pump you have has only 1 speed.

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