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omid-el3 years ago
hi,i've made my big cube(8*8*8) and it has some problems
how can i amplify it by 12v or output layer selection?
please help
triumphtotty (author)  omid-el3 years ago
That looks AWESOME!! What kind of problems are you having? The cube only needs 5V @ 2A or so in total, so you don't need to give it more power. It should be pretty bright.
i know but the lights are very dim(by 12 volt),how can i run the cube with 12v output .i think problem is about layer selection .and i use tip122 for 8 layer
please help
rrussis823 years ago
Triump, I have read about MSGEQ7 chips to make things respond to music, is there any way to incorporate that into these boards or at least into an Arduino to make this cube respond to music, maybe using a mode selector button to change from the programmed loop to a mode that listens to music and makes the cube into a spectrum analyzer? I am just learning, or trying to learn, programming. some other sites I've visited to research this shows using an ATMEGA 8 as a slave to the ATMEGA32 and with the MSGEQ7 to the ATMEGA8. could that work with this circuit and how?
triumphtotty (author)  rrussis823 years ago
I don't even think you would have to slave another chip. I've successfully interfaced a simple Op-Amp with a microphone to one of the ADC pins (AIN1 I think?). I think the biggest issue might be freeing up the control lines needed, as there are only a couple free in chr's design. Perhaps using a 3 to 8 decoder for the layer transistors on PC5-PC7, then PC0 and PC1 could control the RESET and STROBE lines on the MSGEQ7, and PC2 (AIN0) would read the analogue input from the OUT line?
omid-el3 years ago
an other question my dear friend:
how can i change the text "RR and "LED CUBE" to my own name or charachter.
triumphtotty (author)  omid-el3 years ago
Should be simple. Just look through launch_effect.c and modify the strings in there. chr has documented how to add extra effects to this too, in case you want to leave the current effects unchanged.