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  • Heated 3d Printer Enlosure , Reprap, Prusa,I3,  Makerbot

    Thanks for the reply, by warping I meant delamination of the upper layers, my glass bed with a glue stick (put a fresh layer on every print) is working fine but every 10 prints or so i hit it with alcohol and a scraper and clean it all off and start again.I found the smaller items are fine but soon you print something over 5cm (2inch) it starts to delaminate, that's why I was thinking of an overall heated enclosure. I heard it's also patented by Stratasys but I guess it doesn't matter if you are not selling it ;)

    I have a Da Vinci which as an enclosure and I print at 210C and 90 for the bed and it still warps the upper layers when printing big. So I think this is a great idea that I need to incorporate.Thanks :)

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  • Make a portaband into an vertical band saw

    Nice one.. do you find mounting it this way causes the metal filings to go into the saw and into the pulleys? I have a horizontal saw that has this issue even in horizontal mode. But I was hoping to do something like this as a conversion.

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