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  • tructable commented on R_Newtron's instructable Acid Etching10 months ago
    Acid Etching

    I haven't looked at all the comments so perhaps this has been covered. Forgive me if I'm being redundant. In the art world, there are two etching resists known as "Hard Ground" and "Soft Ground" which are painted on the metal and then scratched or scraped off the areas you want the acid to bite. They do what the nail polish, etc. do but are purpose made for etching.

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  • tructable commented on Tom Howbridge's instructable Hand-cut dovetails with a hacksaw !11 months ago
    Hand-cut dovetails with a hacksaw !

    Nice idea using a hacksaw. It's fun using the "wrong" tool for the job and discovering how well it works. As for the glue discussion... for me it's not so much about which glue to use, but which dispenser to use. Titebond comes in a tubular bottle (like a ketchup bottle) which I find the best for all-day, every-day use. Elmers comes in annoyingly thin or "flat" bottles that are more difficult to squeeze and therefore more tiring to use.

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