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May 14, 2008
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  • PKM commented on tunes4x's forum topic Chevy Flip Car Key Fix1 month ago

    What are the chances- I had this exact problem with my car key the day before yesterday. Did you sort anything out? I'm hoping it's possible to get a replacement for just the fob half and put the blade into the new key, though you'd also have to transplant across the radio and immobiliser for it to work properly.

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  • tunes4x commented on tunes4x's forum topic Chevy Flip Car Key Fix3 months ago

    Thanks but that won't work. I wish it was like another car key, bit it's just a length of metal at this point.

    This isn't my exact key, had to take it to get worked on today, but this is it. minus I don't have the little piece any more. But my broke in the same exact manner. Apparently it's a huge design fall and why Chevy dumped the concept in 2012.

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  • tunes4x commented on ShrimpyPlaysMC's instructable Guitar Picks From Cymbals 4 months ago
    Guitar Picks From Cymbals

    There was a company back in the day that made these back in the late 90s I still have a few of them. Some of the best bass picks I have ever owned. Now I want to go find them and make some for my self!

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