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Oct. 3, 2006
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  • uncle frogy commented on ChipsWoodShop's instructable Mini Vise in Minutes1 week ago
    Mini Vise in Minutes

    I was thinking do I have any nice square nuts have I seen any at the big box hardware store?then I thought T nuts would work and I have a bunch of them in different sizes.. This is just what I need to hold small work pieces at the drill press because it is no fun when the bit grabs just as it punches through specially in metal.uncle frogy

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  • uncle frogy commented on TheCutlassKid's instructable LED "Vacuum" Tubes1 week ago
    LED "Vacuum" Tubes

    great idea. I have always disliked the "decorative" only use of expensive and still useful vacuum tubes. but these could be made out of dead ones rendering them no longer useless though still visually interesting. Your choice is opened up to tubes that do not have any common use today, look in any long dead TV's great thinking!uncle frogy

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  • uncle frogy commented on dwaynerbear's instructable Mitre Saw Station3 weeks ago
    Mitre Saw Station

    your project gives me too many ideas I was content with making do with my shop which has grown as the jobs range has increased. Just what I needed another project! I think I can adopt some of this one to help consolidate and organize the space in my too small of a space for the all the work I end up doing.The cabinets are a great idea because it is dust control that is a major problem in an active shop and the cabinets keep stuff, the growing hardware and tool collection, in enclosed spaces away from the "f''n" dustuncle frogy

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  • uncle frogy commented on seamster's instructable Restore a vintage power drill1 month ago
    Restore a vintage power drill

    I have a very similar drill I have done a little work on. it is too fast for most of the things I need a drill for but I did press into service as the power for a drill bit sharpener that likes the higher RPMs. I all so have a 1/2" drill of the same vintage that does not spin very fast but it sure has the torque for big auger bits over 3/4" and up and does a swell job of mixing 5gal. buckets of mortar and plaster does not get hot or bog down both could use a little polish though then I might be afraid to use them

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  • uncle frogy commented on thebeatonpath's instructable DIY Yellow Jacket Bottle Trap1 month ago
    DIY Yellow Jacket Bottle Trap

    That looks like what you said it was an environmentally safe method of trapping wasps and rather simple to build.I do not like being stung by wasps much either and have not been stung very often because I do not hassle them. All wasps are carnivorous I had the most numerous nests when I had dogs and the unavoidable flies which the wasps were eating. I like flies much less than I like those things that eat them how ever and preferred to just make the wasps not build there nests right in any paths I would have to take on a regular basis. I do not have any dogs at present and now seldom see any wasps in my yard and no nests I can find.uncle frogy

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  • uncle frogy commented on marcus2015's instructable Make your own lye2 months ago
    Make your own lye

    that is a pretty ingenious set up for extracting lye from wood ashes. This project and the comments it has received pushed me over the edge.sure you might be able to purchase the results of this project for less money and surly less trouble. so ------- what? you can buy artisanal soap many places again so what. these projects are projects, instructables on how someone did something. no one is forced to do them just like they did or even read them. many are cheaper to buy then build that is not the point at allWhat is the point of just ranting on how stupid they are or a waste of time and money?You have the time, you have the material in this case a ready supply of wood ashes anyway it might be fun and interesting to try and learn to extract the lye even make something out of it, insecticidal soap is a thing and mixed with nicotine is a very strong contact insecticide and home made will wash the dog and home made soap would probably smell better that a dirt itchy dog. at least my dog.helpful comments are helpful the other kind are just more discouraging BSuncle frogy

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  • uncle frogy commented on LukaK19's instructable LED Persistance of vision Globe2 months ago
    LED Persistance of vision Globe

    was there any problems with the rotation like wobble or vibration? A balanced sphere or wheel rotates easily but that "loop" besides the air resistance is a different thing.uncle frogy

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  • uncle frogy commented on SpecificLove's instructable 8 Life Hacks With Steel Wool2 months ago
    8 Life Hacks With Steel Wool

    I never thought of the steel wool screw trick that is now store for future referenceyou must have a very controlled touch to use steel wool on glass like that many would probably ruin it I was told that when the windscreens of small planes are cleaned it is ad vised that they only go up and down so any streaks and small scratches only go in the same direction might be because they are plastic but any way.I have used steel wool to patch rat and mouse holes to good results. I used a little courser grade and in-bedded it in the plaster they have no problem chewing plaster but they can not chew steel otherwise they would be eating through caned foods and peanut butter jar lids.uncle frogy

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  • Make Your Own Dead-Blow Hammer! | DIY Woodworking Tools #7

    that is a nice one time use hammer cheap and quick to make but not built for strength or long use. It reminds me of the soft blow hammers plumbers used when working on cast iron drain pipe. they were a piece of black pipe for a handle and the working end was a beer can filled with lead. they would put a fitting on the pipe push it into a can and fill the whole thing with molten lead. lasted long enough and could be reformed when it became too deformed in use and it did not break the cast iron pipe.uncle frogy

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