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Hello, and welcome to Instructables!
I have realized that you did not receive a greeting from ewilhelm (Eric) or the Instructables Robot, so here you go!
I do NOT work for Instructables, but I give out greetings once in a while and help people on Instructables.

Welcome again, and just have fun here.

If you have any questions, you can contact the Instructables staff, or me. If you do not know who they are, you can check them out here. Just click on one of the accounts at the link I just gave you (somebody in the Instructables Team/ Interns/ Advisors) and ask them in a private message or comment. You can click here for a guided tour of Instructables, or click here for an Instructable about how to make your own Instructable.
You can ask me about anything on this website, how to change your profile avatar icon, posting Instructables, anything! I'll be here for you.

Have fun here at Instructables!

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unspecified (author)  GorillazMiko8 years ago
Dude - you are WAY late on this, besides, I have already welcomed myself since the scripts didn't.
Yeah, I know, I just greet members I see without a greeting. I saw your greeting (funny), but it was on April Fool's day, and it wasn't really real, so I decided to give you one. :-)
unspecified (author) 8 years ago
Hey, I noticed that you were never welcomed to instructables, so welcome! I hope that someday you are able to vote and rate instructables, and that you have a pleasant journey! Love, me