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  • Bicycle Cell Phone Charger (Wind Turbine with build in Battery)

    He will not be able to destroy (or charge) any lithium battery with this reverse fan. You might get a certain open-circuit voltage out of a "generator" like this, but there is no way it will deliver any significant amount of power (current times voltage).You have just to compare a high quality hub dynamo which delivers 2.4 W with this fan - you cannot turn a wheel attached to such a dynamo by just blowing, yet riding along you don't notice the extra resistance. What happens with the fan if you actually try to extract power is that it will simply not rotate anymore...

    if - only if! - this wind turbine would be anywhere close to producing 2-3 W of electric power (which could charge a smartphone in a mere 3 hours) it would produce at least a comparable drag on the bicycle. Just imagine it dangling on one side of the handle as in the photos ;)

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