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  • valgoet completed the lesson Eggs in the class Science of Baking Class11 months ago
  • valgoet commented on iminthebathroom's instructable Rhubarb "Champagne"2 years ago
    Rhubarb "Champagne"

    Good point. There are, after all, tools in any word processing program that will check your grammar and spelling for you. They're not perfect, but they do work.

    I really wonder why this website doesn't offer any editing services. Obviously, no one expects every clever person to be a great writer, but I don't think it's unreasonable for me, as a reader, to expect clear, concise, and grammatical material to read. If the writer can't supply it, then the website should.,-Their-and-They're

    I really did intend it as constructive. Thanks for being open to it. Much as grammar seems frivolous, it really does affect the perception of your work. And yes, I did enjoy your instructable, otherwise I wouldn't have bothered with my comment.

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  • valgoet commented on iminthebathroom's instructable Rhubarb Champagne2 years ago
    Rhubarb Champagne

    Please, please, please, learn the difference between there, their and they're, and between then and than. If you're going to write for public consumption, your credibility will be damaged by these easily correctable grammar mistakes.

    It's not that hard to ask a friend to proof your work. I'm sure all of those on your list did just that before they published scientific papers.

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