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THeff9 years ago
we are currently in stages of testing hair dryers to see if we can get one hot enough for vapo, reason, then it fills our lungs for us
vapoking (author)  THeff9 years ago
I think slowing down the fan will help but i'm not sure if it will be enough.
vapoking (author)  vapoking9 years ago
It also occurs to me that when you do get it hot enough it will probably trip any saftey mechanisms the hairdryer has, and if not it may get hot enough to cause the plastic body of the hair dryer to fume. you might want to move the internals into a different device to avoid the plastic fumes.
THeff vapoking9 years ago
k good idea, we ditched the idea of a hairdryer, found a steamer on the side of the road and have been using it as a clamb baker, granted most of what you breath is steam it will kinda mess you up, feals like a sauna or steam room. we used some herbal stuff and my lungs feal great, i dont even need to use my inhaler
ewilhelm9 years ago
Thanks for sharing your project, and welcome to Instructables!

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