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  • variousred commented on Trilesto's instructable Flashing L.E.D. using 555 Timer1 year ago
    Flashing L.E.D. using 555 Timer

    I built this and it works great! I added in some potentiometers and i can control the speed of strobe. I then added a circuit on the other side of my bread board with a little rumbler motor with variable speed as well. Then i can control the speed of the strobe and get the motor to have cool optical illusions when the frequencies match or are slightly off.Now i want to change the LED out for a led strip with 60 leds — which calls for 12v at 1.5amps. I tried hooking up a power supply with 12v at 1 amp and the led strip and i fried my 555. woops. How can I handle more juice?

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