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May 6, 2016
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  • vcbrand commented on Douwe 66's instructable Pyramid energy, does it exsist? (Research)5 months ago
    Pyramid energy, does it exsist? (Research)

    I have done an experiment like this some years ago. I've put a lemon inside a pyramid and other very similar, in the other side of the room, with the same light and temperature conditions.The one I've put under the pyramid started to shrink. When opening, after one month, it was dry and clean.The other one, outside the pyramid, rot.In my personal experiences, I am yoga teacher, practice buddhist meditation for about 15 years, and I have now a pyramid in my house where I can seat under. I feel that under the pyramid my meditation suffers a kind of a boost, my mind stays calm much faster and I feel good sensations in the body. I sat for the first time under a pyramid several years ago, I feel very good when I sit under it, however I know there is maybe no scientific theory for the effects that I feel. I am fine with it too, I think sort of I don't need an explanation, if it makes me good I can have benefit from it and it can be a mystery, or have no explanation at all.I appreciate our willing to do this experiment. I think you are making science, for testing your hypothesis, even if you do not reach any conclusion by now.

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