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  • videoenquirer commented on robomaniac's instructable Arduino-Fart-O-Meter3 months ago

    Hi RobomaniacHa, ha, ha... You made my day... I can´t say if your project works well or not yet, because I can´t stop crying with laugher at the end of each phrase... The stages of the meter quadrant, are simply Apotheosic..(Mes felicitations pour ton bon sens de l'humour... que ils ne devraient pas s'opposer á l'électronique)

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  • videoenquirer commented on i4xcc's instructable Function Generator (arduino Pro Mini)3 months ago
    Function Generator (arduino Pro Mini)

    Hi i4cc;The link to download the ino is broken. Could you post another one?Thanks a lot.

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  • videoenquirer commented on Hackertje's instructable Arduino Morse Decoder11 months ago
    Arduino Morse Decoder

    In the nineties, there were a lot of ideas for comercial telecommunication equipment with laser that failed with a little of fog of when a bird crossed the laser beam. It already was made... and didn't work... Could be as an indoor experiment only.BTW: Hacketje, good job and I'll try to modify to your code for numbers as wellBest regards to both and all contributors.

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