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  • AT command mode of HC-05 and HC-06 Bluetooth module

    Hi thereI am trying to pair two HC-05 at 38500 baud rate. I configure them as master and slave and when used in normal mode they pair properly and i can transmit and receive data. I use AT mode on master side to retrieve slave address using AT+INQ, i do get my address in the format 2015:4:90245 which is correct.However when i try to retrieve name of the slave device using AT+RNAME ?2015,4,90245 nothings happens. The LED on the master board goes to slow blink .same happens when i try AT+LINK=?2015,4,90245. Eventually i have to give up and send AT command again and redo AT+INIT and try again. The Password on both unit is 1234 and they are set to Original values by using AT+ORGLany suggestions Thanks

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