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  • viktor.bozicevic.9 commented on AndyGadget's instructable Make your hot glue gun cooler!9 months ago
    Make your hot glue gun cooler!

    Hi, nice modification, though I'm not clear about the wattage value of a light dimmer. In my case, I use a 100W glue gun, and will the 250W max. dimmer be enough for this application as well?

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  • viktor.bozicevic.9 commented on sooraj619's instructable 5V - 2A regulator 10 months ago
    5V - 2A regulator

    Hi, I made this circuit in the form of a USB charger that is powered with a 3S LiPo battery. Instead of 1N5400 diode I used 1N5408 diode (1000V max.), since I could only find it in my local electronics store, and I soldered the output + and - terminals to corresponding female USB socket. When I plug in my mobile phone, after a couple of secs the regulator gets very hot to touch, although phone draws 850mA max. when charging. Could you please help me how should I eliminate an overheating issue? Should I perhaps add ceramic caps in parallel with both input and output sides?

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