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April 15, 2010
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  • Werewolf Stilts, digitigrade legs.

    Thanks for the input! AND the Pro membership! very much.... I'm going to delete my original comment because your absolutely right about the possible, errr, 'monetization' factor. As for building the sucker, my parents neighbours are actually IN the film industry and they actually do special effects (practical blow up stuff) and they could be the 'in' I need to get past a LOT of red tape to have the build looked at/bought/used plus they probably can even help with the construction. I'd cut them in of course... I'm a little limited being on disability so I'd need help creation wise anyway. Thanks again and I'll let you know if this ends up going anywhere!!

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  • Werewolf Stilts, digitigrade legs.

    I know it's been quite some time since any comments have been posted, but have you considered adding gears with a toothed belt chain to the knee and ankle so that the 'ankle/foot' joint lowers and raises with the lifting of the leg? It would add a LOT of more 'realistic' motion when walking or crouching and would add a fair bit of balancing as the center of gravity would change as the foot telescopes forward or back depending on how extended the leg is. I realize the stresses on such a gear would be pretty big, but if the knee gear was affixed to the upper leg brace (allowing rotation through the knee join) and the ankle gear was fixed to the foot brace, that would add some structural integrity then it's just a matter of the belt's strength and grip. I know it would add to the actual cost (probably a lot) but the outcome would be fantastic!..... just a though from a fellow Canuck.....

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