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July 24, 2016
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  • Adjustable high current Lab SMPS out of a standard ATX PS

    I always wonder why do you people start from taking Mount Everest rather than smaller mountain. Switchable supply is not even a bit as simply as you thinking it is.Did you removed input filtering and protection circuit ? I suppose no so you must accept that case might be connected to mains voltage (and even higher) so its not save to use.Of course it can be lab supply but user must be experienced of using switchable supply - why ? Because you even forget to filtering input and it might switch to very high voltages in first phase of run. It can simply burn circuit connected to.In lab we did use commercial smps supply which time to time burning us projects. We did no idea why (to be honest we had idea but no equipment). When one of us bring 1 GHz scope we noticed there are very quickly disappearing pulsation with amplitude of 10 max output voltage (we were working at 5V when max was more than 100 V).As I said it was confirmed supply... in university lab.

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