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  • Portable Height Adjustable Table or Standing Desk

    Definitely a good idea to widen the feet and you can make the workspace wider as well. However the undercarriage isn't really rigid so don't Be too optimistic & remember to keep your storage space in mind.

    PS Mary Ellen - can you post some photos of your enhancements?

    PS Mary Ellen - Can you please add some photos of your enhancements?

    My daughter has suggested that the table needs a marker to indicate which end is UP when being packed away - maybe paint the bottom edge a different color.

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  • Portable Height Adjustable Table or Standing Desk

    I can see this - maybe wing nuts on a right angled clamp or recessed bolt...

    Very true David.For this reason I have chosen light weight timber for the top and kept the width of the top to a few cm wider than the distance between the ends of the support.Even so it is not stable enough to be used for food and drink unless seated at it.(I did consider ways to make the ends longer as my first project used a slightly larger board.)However it is surprisingly strong and, although I haven't tested it, I think it would carry a lot of weight yet still be really light weight itself.Ps. I will check out the web site but I am in Australia ...

    Thank you everyone for your gracious comments. So glad I can share this up-cycling project with you. One of this table's greatest features is that it's stored vertically so there is never anything sitting on top of it to be cleared away before you can use it ;)

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      • Portable Height Adjustable Table or Standing Desk
      • Removable Wheels for Backpack
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    Removable wheels for Backpack

    My pleasure. Do be prepared for the r-clips to get knocked out from time to time (see earlier response below). I keep spare r-clips - I've not come up with a solution other than some tape. It's really only a problem if you're using it on uneven footpaths - airports are generally fine.

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