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March 22, 2009
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  • How to Hack a point and shoot camera and give it DSLR features

    == I would suggest something like "Hack your point and shoot to give it more advanced features!" == I agree 100%. One other thing I would like to see, to demonstrate how useful this technique is. First, take a photo of some scene using the camera "as is", set up as best as possible using the standard software. Then, take a second picture, using the hacked software, set up as best as possible. The second photo should be noticeably better, right? Otherwise, what is the point of installing the hack?

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  • walter_wpg commented on unusual architect's instructable Dremel Table Saw2 months ago
    Dremel Table Saw

    I agree with you, Dave. This is a Dremel router table, and a perfectly adequate one. Sure, it could be used to cut some materials, but it is misleading to Instructables readers to call this a "table saw".

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  • walter_wpg commented on braulio777's instructable Arduino Power Supply 0 - 5V3 months ago
    Arduino Power Supply 0 - 5V

    First of all, you get full marks for your Instructables write-up. Lots of good detail, step-by-step instructions, and very good photos. You obviously put in a lot of time and effort, so "well done!". However, this design is simply NOT useful as a power supply. You are measuring and displaying the voltage on the wiper of a 10K pot between 5V and ground, but there is no attempt to regulate the "output voltage", or control in it any way that a power supply would. Also, with that 10K pot, the output impedance will vary with the pot setting, and will be high enough such that the output voltage will be dragged down by almost any circuit you connect this to.You should change the title of this project to something like "Use an Arduino to Measure Potentiometer Voltage", or something like that.

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