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Dec. 17, 2012
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  • hmmm I hate it when I try and make things harder than they have to be

    We have 5 doors and I'm going to have a couple of loud bells so no matter where we are we know if someone enters. It's a cheap security system, I was under the impression I could send chime to loud speaker on it but turns out that isn't an option.

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  • If you are lucky you can add a simple and cheap audio amplifier instead of the existing speaker ;) - Downunder35m

    maybe work something off of this, is that your own security system to mod or is it a leased system with remote monitoring that you can't hack? Good luck. - caitlinsdad

    Far easier and better to just a dedicated buzzer system.I have seen them in many shops as just a reflector on one side and the electronics on the other side of the doorway.Mechanical ones with a switch over the door are available too.Sorry but don't see the point in you messing with your security system... - Downunder35m

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