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Matt214974 years ago
The colors of you main picture kind of scare me.
watermelonhead (author)  Matt214974 years ago
O rly? Would you prefer neon grren? or how about FUNKY HAIR???
How did you do that?
watermelonhead (author)  Rock Soldier4 years ago
i just selected random pieces of hair and tinted them diff. colors.
What program did you use to tint them?
watermelonhead (author)  Rock Soldier4 years ago
Cool, one last question. How exactly did you do it?
watermelonhead (author)  Rock Soldier4 years ago
I used magic select to select random parts of mah hair and used colorize to change tem.
I've used that trick before, GIMP is awesome. Check out this edit.

1: Before
2: After
bushkerry.jpgbushkerry 20 years younger.jpg
watermelonhead (author)  Oblivitus4 years ago
Yeah, in just 10 minutes someone can be made to look younger. I used the clone tool to edit his skin and a paintbrush on color mode to make his hair brown. Magazines use photoshop to do similar things to photos of celebrities.
I do not know. How about we go back to Niagara Falls and take a pic where your smiling. (=
watermelonhead (author)  Matt214974 years ago
mokay, maybe later :D
shabaki4 years ago
1 gimp AND photoshop rule
3 your avatar pic was that edited in gimp?, cool pic btw

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