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  • How to use 2.4 inch TFT LCD SPFD5408 with Arduino Uno and Mega

    Actually, I had better success with:return TSPoint(1100 - x, 1043 - y, z);Maybe someone (programmer) can figure this out.Also in calibration sketch changed:TS_MINY=p1.y-( (tempL*10)>>10);// 10 pixels du bordTO:TS_MINY=p1.y-( (tempL*10)>>15);// 15 pixels du bord

    I also got everything to compile in Arduino 1.6.7 and display graphics, but touch screen part is not working... Will dig deeper into this

    Ok, weird this is...In the lcd shield I bought I had to:#define YP A3 // must be an analog pin, use "An" notation!#define XM A2 // must be an analog pin, use "An" notation!#define YM 9 // can be a digital pin#define XP 8 // can be a digital pinAnd then in SPFD5408_TouchScreen.cpp...return TSPoint(1023 - x, 1023 - y, z);I wish they can stop changing pins on the these boards when they produce them!Hope this helps someone!

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