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      • A Bit Better Bit Holder
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  • How to Survive a EMP Disaster! - PrepperHUB

    At least provide the written transcript of the video and a material list.

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  • wemja commented on backwards lamb's instructable Wooden Carcassonne board game.1 month ago
    Wooden Carcassonne board game.

    hm sorry for this very late answer, yes it seems like I posted the wrong link.I wanted to post this link https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/493249/It looks like i typed the last 2 numbers wrong.I myself am working on some laser cut carcassonne tiles, i based mine of a version uploaded on thingiverse and made most expansions already.The only things i still need to do is to design are the meeples, tower segments and gold pieces.And I need to find a place to laser them.

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  • wemja commented on audreyobscura's instructable World's easiest silicone mold.1 month ago
    World's easiest silicone mold.

    Just put the material all around him and let it harden, add 2 straws to the feed or to one foot and the tail so you can fill the mold.One the mold is set you will need to cut the mold to get the dinosaur out.There is a lot of documentation online on how to do this the right way.When the dinosaur is out you can use some tape to keep the mold together wile filling it.It may not last more then 2 casts, if you want something you can use over and over again you need a 2 part mold and some fancy release agents.

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  • wemja commented on Benne's instructable Plywood Hot Wire Foam Cutter3 months ago
    Plywood Hot Wire Foam Cutter

    This is an almost perfect machine.The only thing I can think about to improve it is a way to tilt the arm holding the wire or the table, whatever is easier.Do you have any idea how to adapt this design to allow for these changes ?

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  • wemja commented on Boardattack's instructable Yet Another Deer Head Papercraft5 months ago
    Yet Another Deer Head Papercraft

    I wonder if it would be possible to create this out of a stronger material.It would make and awesome coat hanger, I just don't think it is possible do make it strong enough.Anyone have some ideas ?

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