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Oct. 9, 2015
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  • westexjoe commented on GoonyLex's instructable 108W LED Grow Light Panel6 months ago
    108W LED Grow Light Panel

    Flashing LEDs One thing I'm not seeing addressed which may well be the reason for the flashing/drivers pulsating is the possibilty of the 20mm bases shorting to each other. The bottom part of the bases are supposed to be electrically isolated...but don't count on it!! If they are,

    p { margin-bottom: 0.1in; line-height: 120%; }FlashingLEDs/drivers: I'd like to caveat everyone on a condition that may beoverlooked. Even though the each LED is supposed to be electricallyisolated from the bottom of it's PCB, don't count on it! Leakage ofany magnitude can lead to a wide range of results, most are not goodif multiple LEDs happen to be leaking to others on the same heatsink. If this happens you may or may not see any symptoms or failuresright away. Be warned. DO NOT ALLOW the bottoms of the 20mm PCBs toleak electrically to other LEDs nor to the power bus.So if you areexperiencing LED failures, that's the FIRST thing to check for. I nolonger use adhesive for holding the LEDs to their sinks. I apply anadditional insulating layer (electrical tape if you have to) andfirmly hold the LEDs on their heat sinks using mechanical means. Once an LED has been subjected to overheating, it will have permanentdamage and can't be expected to last it's normal lifespan with theexpected optical output levels.

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