• westjessie commented on kenyer's instructable No Holes, No Glue Bathroom Shelf6 months ago
    No Holes, No Glue Bathroom Shelf

    I had the same problem as Jon -- I did not understand at all until the very end, when I had my "aha" moment -- though I looked carefully at all the pictures along the way -- how the "clamps" were going to work.To me the word "clamp" has always meant squeezing something between two "jaws."It might be good to call these ingenious bolt devices "pressure supports" or something else that avoids the use of the word clamp...and very importantly, show us the picture of the finished project first.Also you have a few typos: in one case "the" is spelled "het" and earlier in the article "therefore" is misspelled "therefor," and in the sentence "...something is doesn't rust" the "is" should be "that."Lastly I wish people writing these wonderful instructibles would define unfamiliar terms like "profiles" -- or at least say "this is a profile -- they are used in x work" and show a picture. I was not sure what "profiles" referred to in the directions.

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  • westjessie commented on FelisC's instructable How to generate high-level radiation6 months ago
    How to generate high-level radiation

    Ok so now what should I do with all that radiation? Fight evil? Will I morph into a 66-year-old super hero if I saturate myself with the Rays? Seriously, to what experiments do you allude? And is the harmful radiation contained in the tube or is it…well...radiating?

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