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  • whatthebaek commented on Michael Chen's instructable Fixing Corsair SP2200 Crackling1 year ago
    Fixing Corsair SP2200 Crackling

    Michael Chen, RabidShepherd, darhlyk, thank you all for collaborating towards a solution for Corsair's oversight. I remember how disappointed I was back in college, early 2012, when my speakers first started crackling, and I even remember telling myself I'd maybe try the bandaid fix Michael had posted originally. Fast-forward 5 years and several bargain speakers later, and I figured why not check-in on this page again. Lo and behold yall've done it! Two easy solder joints (on the white wire) and the crackling is GONE. I fixed what I thought were dead speakers in less than 30 minutes. Thank you, thank you, thank you all!

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