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Hey there, i have jsut gone out and bought a Peltier unit from an electronic store, i live in Australia and it cost about 14$AU. I want to make a drink coooler and heater as you have explained here for my desktop as im a huge gaming adict. Would i be able to hook this up to a usb port or multiple usb ports? Im not sure of voltage and amps so i jsut need a little advice, thanks a tonn. Mitch
whiteoakart (author)  92mitchell927 years ago
Hi Mitch, It is important to find out the voltage and amp requirements. Too much of either will fry a Peltier unit. Not enough and you will get little effect. Most of the units I have seen use more current than a USB can deliver, but I work mostly in automotive applications. It is certainly possible to have one run off a USB, but it might not produce much heat/cool. Check on the packaging and the unit itself for any identification. I will look around at work to see if there is a standard way of identifying their power consumption. David
Awesome thanks. I've been looking around on the web and in our shed and i found a 12v solar panel, i was told by my mate that the 12v will be perfect for it. Solar powered cup heater: Keep your coffee warm for free :P Thanks for the help. Its great to learn about this kind of stuff from the professionals. Mitch
whiteoakart (author)  92mitchell927 years ago
I also think the 12V panel will be perfect. Good luck and keep us informed. I'd love to see what you come up with. In case you haven't read my other comment to adaminc, make sure you vent the other side (the side you are not actively utilizing). Just duct a little computer fan over the back side of the Peltier, or it will overheat, or freeze up, depending. Either way, the unit will not last long. David
adaminc7 years ago
Hello whiteoakart, I was reading the forums and saw that you said you work with peltier devices quite often. I am trying to build my own Heated Stiring Plate so I can heat and stir chemicals while they are in a flask or beaker. I am thinking of using a peltier as a heater, and since it is so thin, I will be able to sit it ontop of a rotating magnet which will magnetically couple a silicon covered iron bar in the beaker/flash. Anyways, I was wondering what temperatures can peltiers get up to before they fail. I was looking at a 400W and a 545W peltier, they are only $30 at most so it wont really matter if it goes into a catastrophic meltdown. But I would at least like to be able to reach 400F(200C), which they say they are capable of. Will I have to cool the cooling side so that the temperature differential doesn't go higher than its delta-Tmax? i.e. if delta-Tmax is 68C, then in order to get 200C, the cooling side has to be at least 132C or cooler?
whiteoakart (author)  adaminc7 years ago
You will definitely need to cool it. If you use a sealed squirrel cage fan and duct it over the "cool" side, you might have enough air flow to cool it. The inexpensive Peltiers have a tendency to break down more quickly. Therefore, it will be especially important to cool that side. Good luck. Sounds like a great project. David
ewilhelm9 years ago
Thanks for sharing your project, and welcome to Instructables!

Let me know if you have any questions.

You've probably already found your way around, but in case you haven't see these, here's a guided tour of Instructables and an Instructable for making Instructables.
whiteoakart (author)  ewilhelm9 years ago
ewilhelm- I have really enjoyed Instructables and I am spreading the word around. The projects are great. I especially like your contributions and those of fungusamungus. I am very impressed by the variety, as well.
Thanks! Fungus is a great guy!