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  • Like this a lot, this frame would be ideal as the internal structure. I am generating a 3D model of a 1/8th sphere, I am thinking it may be possible to use a CNC router to shape a rigid modelling board (in layers) to build up a perfect 18th of the sphere. I could then layer the fiberglass directly onto this to build the mould. Then make 8 of these and bolt together..... the modelling board is pretty expensive but this method should give me the quality I am looking for.

    This does need to be as spherical as possible, the aesthetics of the outer surface are key to its use. It will be sat on the ground (on a mounting pad) but will be required to support roughly the weight of 3 adults inside but I am intending for this load to be carried into the mounting pad by an internal frame so the load on the spherical fiberglass skin will be relatively low.I like the skeleton frame idea for the internal structure, this would be ideal.

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