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  • wildblue commented on groovymama's instructable How To Get "Free" Eggs1 year ago
    How To Get "Free" Eggs

    Speaking as an actual chicken farmer in the country (60 + laying hens and 300 meat chickens) this was very fun. But be sure you remember that chicken poop is extremely high in nitrogen. Use lots of sawdust when composting and let it compost for at least a year before you use it on your garden or you will burn your plants. Also, my chickens live about 3-4 years -- much longer than the poor factory-farmed hens. They start laying fewer eggs in the middle of their second year but the eggs are larger -- many with double yolks!

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  • wildblue commented on moonkittie's instructable Tiny Turtles2 years ago
    Tiny Turtles

    Just a suggestion -- I would use parchment paper instead of wax paper -- so you don't get that petroleum wax taste. And I use a combination of really good dark chocolate and caramel squares instead of Rolo's. Then we can pretend we are being pretentiously classy as we gobble them down....

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