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Dec. 29, 2010
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  • Popped Super Grain Amaranth and Fruit Tricolor Cracker

    Thanks for the info. My sons 19 months old. We did skin prick test when he was 9 months old and blood work. I had to eliminate a ton of food. Then a month later switched to a new allergist ( my other soon used for asthma & ENT) they re tested and noticed the foods I added to my diet he was allergic too. Then a few months ago he still broke out horribly from his poop when it touched his skin and more hives all of a sudden for about a month. I did research and realized he probably had more legume allergies, they tested him & we added peas, chick peas, & lentils to the list. Those 3 items we were eating daily. Now all we eat it potatoes,rice,quinoa,amaranth,oats,fruit, bk beans, kidney beans, & the few vegetables he's not allergic to. He's allergic too: milk,soy,wheat,gluten,corn,peanuts,cashews,almonds,peas,lentils,white beans, chick peas, egg whites. What allergies does your son have? It's been challenging but I haven't really met any other moms who are in my situation which makes it difficult. I still suspect he could have a black bean allergy, millet, or buckwheat allergy but it hasn't been confirmed.

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  • Popped Super Grain Amaranth and Fruit Tricolor Cracker

    Thank you so much for creating a recipe my son and I can eat!! I can't wait to make this tomorrow. My son has so many allergies that we have to make everything from scratch. We had only ever ate popped amaranth which we love but if he breaths it flies all over the floor and gets messy. Since I'm still nursing in on his diet as well. I've been wanting something like a cracker for so long! I'm hoping this will do the trick! Do you think I could try this recipe with other fruits as well? If so any suggestions?

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