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JTMLB261 year ago
Hey your really helpful to other authors. Can you view my instructables and help me out please. I'm not receiving many views and I don't know why!
wilgubeast (author)  JTMLB261 year ago
I just PMed you some feedback. Also, try out the clinic for assistance.
Thanks so mush sorry I took so long I just was able to fix them!
Thanks again,
monsterlego2 years ago
How do you decide n the monthly feature author?
wilgubeast (author)  monsterlego2 years ago
I work from a list of authors sorted by overall pageviews, but I sometimes interview folks who stop by the lab in San Francisco who aren't on that list but are interesting.
great! thanks.
You sir, are funny!
vishalapr2 years ago
I subbed to you coz yr guides are ultra amazing! And your ibles are good as well!
Keep up the Great work!
wilgubeast (author)  vishalapr2 years ago
Thanks for subscribing.
builderkidj3 years ago
Join the weekly challenge!
ostomesto3 years ago
Dude your the greatest. Thanks so much!
cool, whats it like at instructables?
wilgubeast (author)  simplebotics3 years ago
Busy and noisy.
sounds like a stereotypical office setting to me.
wilgubeast (author)  simplebotics3 years ago
Kind of. Except for the constant beeping, the sound of bicycle-driven generators, the pervasive smell of solder, the extreme heat fluctuations when someone bakes something, and the hum of the laser cutter. It's pretty much like Dunder Mifflin, otherwise. With more standing desks.