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  • $10 Arduino WiFi motion detector (PIR) that writes to SQL via cheap ESP8266 module

    Hi, thanks for sharing this example. I am trying to work with:ESP8266 12E NodeMCU, Arduino UNO, PIR Motion SensorI believe your example using ESP8266 01 should work for 12E NodeMCU as well. The problem is I am doing exactly same as you mentioned, but for some reasons it is not working for me. ESP is configured to use Arduino and I have tested it with blink sketch, and it works. I changed your sketch for PIR and uploaded on ESP:Currently I connected :PIR output to UNO on ~3 UNO 5v and ground to PIRUNO TX to ESP TXUNO RX to ESP RXUNO 3.3v and ground to ESP 3.3v and groundafter that, I powered UNO with USB from laptop, but not working.Can you please advice?

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