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  • wintergoat commented on wintergoat's instructable Properly Splice Aluminum Wire2 months ago
    Properly Splice Aluminum Wire

    I'll add that, just to be safe! As for the pliers, you're right - I now own a proper pair of linesman's and use them for my electrical work.

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  • wintergoat commented on bwpatton1's instructable Thin Clienting at home3 months ago
    Thin Clienting at home

    Hahaha, you make it sound like the police will be knocking on your door if you replace a DLL.1) Nobody will ever find out, 2) modifying a file on an OS that you legally own isn't piracy 3) nobody even cares about piracy except film companies 4) even if it was piracy (it isn't) and "they" did find out (they won't), the worst you would get is a fine.

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