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  • winwickpoultry commented on electrowiz89's instructable Raspberry Pi Home CCTV System1 year ago
    Raspberry Pi Home CCTV System

    is there a way to use a raspberry or otherwise to do the following: I have an eight camera system which is connected to Dvr. The TV which is above the Dvr is connected to it by vga cable. Now what I want is to use two other smart TVs which are over 30 metres away from the Dvr. I want to display the eight camera set up on the distant TVs but by wifi . I also have adapters in the electricity sockets in most rooms which supply Internet. I cannot find anything which will provide the eight camera picture wirelessly on the TVs. It is quite easy to put four cameras on a mobile phone and view your cameras anywhere on the globe but impossible to see the same in an adjacent room to the Dvr. I have tried vga senders and found them to give too much interference especially with distance.

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