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  • wolf333 commented on SexDrive's instructable LEGO Cableholder12 months ago
    LEGO Cableholder

    I like this one simple but quite.

    can some one here tell me how to up load & load my avitar on my page

    I really like the fact that it can be pulled off and put back up like with magnets but this can be use on side of computer and the like sweet

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  • Melt Plastic Bags Into Tea Light Candle Holder

    if you drop it into a bath of cold water it will cool faster. use cooking spray to line molds. it will release great. tin foil can be a real pain to remove from cast, if you flash cool it in water it will release quicker and cleaner. also if you use metal molds you can place them into over and direct cast your items. Be safe.

    OK to be nice and positive Let me help you out. I have and do projects with this material all the time so I have learned somethings. You need to not heat at over 350* f If the cups I see in the picture are made out of what I think they are that is part of your smell and sick thing don't use plastic to melt plastics. use metal cook wear only or metal at least. I make wood substitute out of grocery bags all the time as well as cool parts toys and other stuff, so I've done my share of experimentation with heat settings, dishes to cook in, tools to cook with ( toaster irons are some of the best as long as they don't heat over 350*) there are a couple videos on you tube that feature this subject you might like. Be safe keep the temps down don't cook plastic in plastic, be patent and enjoy.

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