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  • wolfmaker commented on GordonKirkwood's instructable Telescoping Tube Clamps2 weeks ago
    Telescoping Tube Clamps

    so what size of tube and thicknes and iner tube size would i need to make a telescoping metal arm i want the out side tub to be 2 inch in diameter and 2 feet long and the second tub will be the same length 2 feet long but what diameter does the second tube need to be to fit inside of the tube the as far as the thickness of the 2 tubes i do not know how thick thy need to be but thy need to be able to hold up to 140 bl. of weight also the thicknes need to be thick enough to handel any side to side movement so that both tubes will not Bend or Warp because if it bends or warps to the side i will not be able to ajust the lengh of the tub any more

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